Arc poet launches $50,000 global poetry prize. Seriously.

March 28, 2011


A poet writing in English from anywhere in the world could win $50,000 this year: as far we can tell, the most cash ever awarded for a single poem. The new Montreal International Poetry Prize will award the prize to a poem of 40 lines or fewer. Its editorial board includes accomplished poets in Australia, Canada, England, Guyana, India, Jamaica, Malawi, Nigeria, Northern Ireland and the US. The final judge for the 2011 prize is Andrew Motion, former UK poet laureate (pictured above). One of the folks behind this audacious scheme is Montreal poet Asa Boxer, whom Arc readers may recall from poems, reviews and essays that have appeared in Arc in recent years, including his highly entertaining poem “Dante’s Ikea,” which was published in Arc 60. For more on the Montreal prize click here.

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