A glittering prize for the poets

April 8, 2011


A PAIR OF RAGGED CLAWS: Stephen Romei From: The Australian April 09, 2011 12:00AM

POETS sometimes feel like poor relations in the writerly family, and not without reason, especially when it comes to the literary prize circuit.

To take a local example, this year the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards is extending its largesse to authors of kids’ books and young adult fiction, but poets don’t get a look-in. Overseas, the Man Booker people seem to unveil a new franchise every year — the International Booker, the Asian Booker, the Lost Booker, the Cookbook Booker (kidding) — but there’s no Poetry Booker. Well, a new prize hopes to fill that gap. The winner of the inaugural Montreal International Poetry Prize will receive a Bookeresque $50,000 for a previously unpublished poem “written in any English dialect”….

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