2013 Longlist Anthology

Welcome to the 2013 Longlist Page!

Our 2013 Longlist e-Anthology, published by Véhicule Press under its poetry imprint Signal Editions, is now available for free download!

Please click here to view the anthology in your browser, or right-click and save it to your computer to download a copy. This will make it easier to read those poems that are set in landscape and therefore appear “sideways.” Opening with Adobe Acrobat allows you to right those pages. Of course, tablets don’t have this problem!

We have decided to make the Longlist Anthology available for free. It is a unique artifact, representing the various interests of poets from around the world in the year 2013, not broken up by national or geographical boundaries like most anthologies. We hope you will download, read and find great pleasure in it.

Since our aim is to be fully community-funded and independent, please consider making a donation to our not-for-profit, grassroots organization. Even small donations can make a huge difference if they are made by many people.



Here’s the 2013 Longlist!

As is always the case, the final selections were difficult for our editors to make. So we produced a long list to call attention to more poems than just the final 50 or so that will be published in our 2013 Global Poetry Anthology.

About Time
by Mark Riboldi
Medusa is Crying
by Ilya Tourtidis
Ai Wei Wei /
Breathing Through Silk
by Linda Rogers
Moon Jellyfish
by Sharon Black
Air Pocket
by Peter Norman
by Andrew Fitzsimons
by Alison Luterman
My Head is Full of Pakistan
Susan McMaster
The Antenna
by Mia Anderson
Nights in the Gardens of Priapus
by Tracey O’Rourke
Ark 1962
by Victoria Korth
Note to Ex-Husband
by Elizabet Stevens
by F.B. Evans
Oh Darling, It Is No Secret
by Sharyn Brady
by Bryan Walpert
by Lisa Brockwell
A Bad Rap For Thetis
by Gary Geddes
Photographs of Jews
by Lisa Jacobson
A Bathroom for Wallace Stevens
by Phil Davey
Pig at the Mexican Orphanage
by Alison Luterman
Bicycle Arpeggios
by Kim Trainor
Please Don’t Go
by Wayne Hodgins
A Bird and the River
by Jena Woodhouse
Poetry Magnets
by Randall Finnerty
by Rosanna Eva Licari
Prayer Is Scrubbing
by Mia Anderson
the book of last year’s resolutions
by Alison Luterman
The Problem with Love
by John Wall Barger
by Kent Leatham
Rain 48
by Cróna Gallagher
Carried Along on Great Wheels
by Alison Luterman
The River of Forgetting
by Paul McMahon
by Alison Luterman
by Josh Nadeau
Dante in Ravenna
by Lucy Beckett
The Screen
by D. Nurkse
The Deep Water: On Rape
by Belinda Rule
by Natalie Shapero
Departing the Rough Bounds
by Mike Bannister
She Hasn’t Changed Places
by Catherine Stewart
by Robert Carter
by Susan Glickman
The Door
by Richard Tipping
The Single Woman Traveller, Latin America
by Ros Barber
by Mark Kirkbride
Sonnet for the Tiny Neutron
by Arnold Seong
by Preston Mark Stone
by Céline Pitre
Earth Girls Are Easy
by Lisa Brockwell
by Frances P. Adler
Five Songs for Petra
by Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné
by Wayne Price
Grade Seven Social Studies Unit
by Patricia Young
Tennis Court Road
by Vincent Marksohn
The Guard
by Stevie Howell
Things We Know When it Rains
by Anita Roberts
by Dawn McGuire
To Feel
by Tim Bowling
His Arms Are Full of Broken Things
by Lyndon Walker
by Danielle Cadena Deulen
by Paul Hetherington
Two Days in Spring
by Kim Trainor
I Confess We Ate Chocolate
by Yvonne Blomer
The Uninvited
by Lee H. McCormack
In the Beginning Was the Hinny
by James Greene
Walking Without Feet
by Rosamund Taylor
Jesus on a Train from Mumbai
by Suzanne Batty
Wasted Not Wasted
by Paul Grams
by B. R. Dionysius
Wedding Service
by Sally Moore
Kid Stuff
by Peter Branson
The Woman Who Swallowed History
by Judith Krause
King of Diamonds
by John Camfield
by Sarah Rice
Last of the Elm Leaves
by J. David Cummings
You’ll Never Know
by Simon Miller
by Karen Warinsky
Lesbian Sex
by Jane Eaton Hamilton

*Please note that while our editors did select eighty poems for the long list, a couple of poems were ineligible due to prior publication.