2015 Longlist

Here’s the 2015 Longlist!

The final selections were often painfully difficult for our editors to make. Each indicated at some point in the jurying process that they’d found a good number more than the mere seven poems they were asked to select. The longlist is meant to call attention to this unfortunate reality and to give our audience a sense that there were many more worthy poems than just the final 50 or so that will be published in our 2015 Global Poetry Anthology. Below are the top 70 poems of 2015.

Join us for breakfast and poetry as we post three new poems a day throughout August.

As we make the poems available, the titles below will become clickable.

The African Burial Ground
by Anna Berry
Meteor Shower
by Amali Rodrigo
Africa Today
by Joseph Ushie
38 Michigans
by Eva H.D.
A Good Day’s Work?
by Phil Davey
Music for a New England Daughter
by John Stokes
And Then I Saw Andrew
by Victoria Korth
My Hand and Cold
by Natalie Shapero
As Soon as We Are Born We Start to Die
by Jennie Malboeuf
by Mark Abley
A Summer Killing
by Lisa Jacobson
Passage Grave
by Rosamund Taylor
The Bat, the Bell, the Bird and the Body
by Tim Collins
The People Skirt
by Kathryn Mockler
By the Shore
by Rose Maloukis
Personal Creed
by Jabez Churchill
The Cadaver
by Josh Bartolome
The Poetry of Money
by Ron Pretty
Cold War, 1982
by Olivia McCannon
Reindeer Herders
by Anjali Yardi
by Kathleen Balma
Remember Jericho
by Jean Baptiste Biesemans
Dream Research
by Sue Reynolds
by Taylor Bratches
by David Bunn
Robert Pinsky
by Sneha Madhavan-Reese
by Kevin Brophy
Rule of Threes
by Sandra Lloyd
Escape to Grosse Isle
by Ann Giard-Chase
Shapes and Sizes
by Stephanie Warner
Evening Stroll by the Canal
by Jena Woodhouse
by Peter Norman
Father Is In Insurance and Out Most Nights
by Gayelene Carbis
by Shoshanna Wingate
by Jessica Wilkinson
Slant of the Girl
by Jessica Van de Kemp
Funeral Home
by Richard Sanger
Sleeping Woman Jilted
by Abigail Ardelle Zammit
Gambling Everything
by Jayne Jenner
by Bryan Walpert
by Michael Prior
The Spare Room
by Harry White
Heart Sutra
by Kyeren Regehr
The Spiral of Life
by Luiz Henrique Domingues
Heirloom Tomatoes
by Bruce Meyer
The Stage
by Ewan Macpherson
Her Absence
by Shahilla Shariff
by Vicki Goodfellow-Duke
by Jordan Mounteer
Still Life with Blood Orange
by Kevin Brophy
by Gillian Wallace
Story of a Leaf
by Sarah Burgoyne
I Like Canada
by Joshua Levy
Sunday Drives
by Bruce Meyer
Into This World
by Mary O’Keefe Brady
There Are No More Horses Here
by Johanna Emeney
It Would Have Been A Girl
by Sue Reynolds
Thomas, Not Saying
by Pete Smith
Last Love
by Roberta Senechal de la Roche
Thoppil Bhasi
by Sneha Madhavan-Reese
Letter to My Dead Mother
by Dorianne Laux
Under the Ashes
by William Leo Coakley
The Lost School of Botany
by Michael Henry
by Luke Hankins
by Cynthia Hughes
What the Sea Remembers
by Felicity Plunkett
Macular Degeneration
by Jacqueline d’Amboise
Who Vanishes as He Approaches
by Linda Rogers
Manure Pile Covered in Snow
by Thomas Lux
Wound Care Ghazal
by Amber Homeniuk