2011 Longlist Anthology

The Montreal Prize Longlist Anthology

NEWS: Thursday, December 15, 2011 | Our 2011 Longlist e-Anthology, published by Véhicule Press under its Signal Editions imprint, is now available for free download!

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We have decided to make the Longlist Anthology available for free. It is a unique artifact, representing the various interests of poets from around the world in the year 2011, not broken up by national or geographical boundaries like most anthologies. We hope you will download, read, and cherish it.

Since our aim is to be fully community-funded and independent, please consider making a donation to our non-profit, grassroots organization. Even small donations can make a huge difference if they are made by many people.


We knew from the start that the Montreal Prize would receive more wonderful poems than the final 50 we will publish in our 2011 Global Poetry Anthology. And an important part of our project is to give voice to fresh, new, unpublished poetry from around the world. So from the start we planned to highlight up to 100 more poems in this special e-anthology.

The Longlist Anthology is available exclusively in e-formats and published under the Signal Editions imprint of Montreal’s Véhicule Press. For more information on Véhicule Press, please see their website at http://www.vehiculepress.com.

You can see the 2011 Longlist with author names revealed below.

Word Cloud: You can also click here to see a word cloud generated from the poems in our Longlist. The size of a word represents the frequency with which it appears in the Longlist poems. Note that ‘water’ was very important to poets around the world in 2011.

The 2011 Longlist

Below is a list of the poems selected for the 2011 Montreal Prize Longlist.

Many thanks to everyone who supported our innovative nonprofit poetry project by participating in our first year. There were many excellent and moving entries, and the final selections were difficult for our editors to make. Thankfully the idea of a ‘Longlist’ means that attention can be drawn to more poems than just the final fifty that will be published in our 2011 Global Poetry Anthology.

Please note that the 50 poems in the ‘Shortlist’ & 2011 Global Poetry Anthology were selected by our editors from the Longlist below.

In December we’ll announce the prize-winning poem.

The Longlist
Longlist Poem Title | Author Name

Adorno | by Christopher Doda Maze | by John Greening
After Cancer | by Leslie Timmins Melons Sprung in Dirt | by Anne Benjamin
Against Instinct | by Anastasia Cox Miners’ Wives | by Donna Reese
Aluminum Beds | by Russell Thornton Moon River | by Alison Luterman
Among Schoolchildren | by Spencer Reece Morel-Floored Forest | by Carolyn Hoople Creed
Arborescence | by Brian Stanley Mosaic | by Polyxeni Angelis
At a Restaurant with Three Childless Writers | by Adrienne Barrett A Movable Mountain | by Jonathan Clark
At Swim Three Words | by Gary Geddes The Museum of Loneliness | by Vona Groarke
Atocha 2004 | by David Bunn Mustang | by Paul Hetherington
A Basket of Water | by Kenneth Steven My Love’s Little Porthole | by Sophie Grimes
The Bay | by Mark Tredinnick The Need for These Things to Be Said | by Margaret McCarthy
The Beauty Of The Middle | by Rina Terry Night on the Dark Earth | by Kelly Norah Drukker
Beethoven Walks (Field of Sound) | by Lara Bozabalian Night Thoughts from Somewhere Past High Noon | by Iain Higgins
Biarritz | by Donald McGrath The Old Man and the Beanstalk | by Alina Wilson
boat talk | by Robyn Black Old Men on a Bench | by Adil Jussawalla
Borges at the Biblioteca Nacional | by Jillian Pattinson On Finding a Copy of “Pigeon” in the Hospital Bookstore | by Susan Glickman
A Branch of Bees | by Jeff Steudel On The First Traveling Exhibition of Real Human Bodies | by Vicki Goodfellow-Duke
Breakfast at the Friar Arms | by Peter Richardson Paradiso | by Maria Borys
Bury | by Miller Oberman The Pardon | by Ellen Wehle
The Cactus Army | by Dimitra Xidous Pascal’s Advice | by Ed Bremson
Centipede | by Lynn Smith passion fruit | by Katherine Greville
Children’s Stories | by Philip Nugent The Pear Trees | by David Wood
Cold Pastoral | by Susan Glickman Phnom Penh | by Kim Philley
Communion | by Rachel Lindley A Poem for the White-Headed Buffalo Weaver and Tony, the Naturalist at the Samburu Lodge | by Jackleen Holton
The Contortionist Speaks of Dislocation | by Rachel Lindley Poem of the Paper Bird | by Maia Evrona
Corpse | by Toni Gordon A Postcard from Arkhangai Province, Mongolia | by Mark Minton
Coupon (or, Experiments in Suburban Necromancy) | by Leslie Danel Batty The Rain Stick | by Richard Shorten
Dark Skin | by Anita Sivakumaran Ringing the Changes | by Nancy Toth
Davenport Cove | by Travis Mossotti Roodhouse | by G. Karen Lockett Warinsky
Day Out from the Dementia Ward | by Susan Holland Room Service | by Cathoel Jorss
Dead Sea (a requiem for the Gulf of Mexico) | by Jonathan Clark Sandhill Cranes | by Mark Tredinnick
Delenda est Carthago | by Ron Pretty The Silence | by C.K. Stead
Devil’s Pool | by James Thomas Wills The Silence Is Killing Me | by Mark Van Aken Williams
Ditch-Digger | by Matthew Hittinger Singing at the Table in Iceland | by Elena E. Johnson
The Dog-Eaters | by Noli Manaig Some Things Have Hardened that We Did Not Wish to Go Hard | by Sophie Cooke
Domestic Violence | by Alison Luterman Song of the Canister’s Contents | by Peter Richardson
Driving to Children’s | by Shane Neilson The Spa for Grief | by Catherine Owen
The Earth Moves and Bright | by Linda Rogers Spring in Cow Bay, Nova Scotia | by Barbara Myers
Earthquake Light | by Robert Wrigley Still Life | by Scott Draper
An Embarrassment of Riches | by Phillip Crymble The Stiltwalkers | by John Wall Barger
The Etymology of Freedom | by Linda Rogers Storm Coming | by Tony Gilmore
Four Trees | by Donald Givans Sun Flower Sutra | by Stuart Jay Silverman
Fusion | by Amina Danial Swabbing | by Patricia Young
The Garbage Truck Trashed the Sunflower | by Jeff Steudel Tamarind Tree | by Patricia Young
Gilt | by Ruth E. Walker Themba is Dead | by Emeka Okereke
Glosa for Loss | by Margaret Malloch Zielinski There is no narrative | by Bryan Walpert
Grandma was a Tea Kettle in the Kitchen | by Andrew J. Kerbel There You Are | by Mitchell Albert
The Grasshoppers’ Silence | by Linda Rogers They Disappeared in the Night | by Rafi Aaron
Grateful | by Noel King Three Monkeys on a Dusty Bureau | by Shelagh McNally
Gugluja (goog-lu-yom) | by Lizy Mostowski Tongue | by Phillippa Yaa De Villiers
Heading Home | by Peter Norman The Tradition | by Phoebe Wang
HeLa’s Cells | by LM Rochefort Transient Eden | by Mark Minton
Hibernation | by Elif Sezen Tree | by Barth Landor
The History Test | by Alice Abracen Tribe | by Roberta Senechal de la Roche
The Infinite Library | by Jillian Pattinson Tsunami | by Bronwyn Lovell
Its Shine and Struggle | by Cynthia Woodman Kerkham Two Four Seasons | by Mary Rozmus-West
Jackie Gleason | by Kathryn Mockler Unlimited | by Suparna Ghosh
Jetsam, Detritus and the Gaps | by Rosamund Taylor Venezuela Evening | by Joshua Levy
Just So Story | by Richard Harrison Vermeer in Mind Down in the Lower Countries | by Davoren Howard
The Kenmare Occurrences | by Harry White Village Laundry | by Judith Krause
Kibbutz Hazorea | by Joshua Levy Walking Underwater | by Mark Tredinnick
The Kingfisher | by Mark Tredinnick Waterfall | by Edith Speers
Last Dance | by Linda Rogers Weeping Birch | by Natalie Helberg
Late Breaking News | by Gary Geddes What Gathers | by Heid E. Erdrich
Leaving the Island | by Talya Rubin When The Muses Can’t Be Bothered | by Barbara Hobbie
Leopold | by David Mortimer The White Bicycle | by Paula Bohince
Let’em Eat Kibble | by Matt Radz William Herschel and the Webb Telescope | by Rosamund Taylor
Letter to an Unnamed Lover | by Kristen Lang The Winter Garden (Anglesey Abbey) | by Mike Bannister
Lise Meitner Leaves Berlin | by Victor Tapner Yiu Ming Cheung | by Ashley Chow
Lucas | by Sally Moore You Over There, Me Here: A Whodunit in Three Sestets | by Mark Tredinnick

*Please note that while our editors did select 150 poems for the Longlist, it turned out in the end that a handful of poems were ineligible due to prior publication. It’s a very important part of our project that all the poems in our annual anthology are new and current, and for us, being published online is no different from being published in print.