The Broadside

Eugenio Montale called the continued circulation of a work of art in the lives of its audience the “second and larger life” of art. In this spirit, the Montreal Prize asked renowned artist and sculptor Eric Fischl to read a blind manuscript of our 2011 Global Poetry Anthology.

Of Linda Rogers’ poem “The Grasshoppers’ Silence,” Fischl remarked, “I’ve chosen this poem because the image of the one-legged grasshopper won’t let me sleep.” In response, Fischl painted the tragic grasshopper at left.

Montreal Books Press has produced a beautiful, deluxe print of Rogers’ poem and Fischl’s grasshopper. Limited to 100 hand-signed copies, these broadsides are available now: contact Carolyn O’Neill at

In 2011, Eric Fischl was given a copy of the poems selected for our 2011 Global Poetry Anthology. In a ‘blind’ process (he did not know the authors’ names), he selected a poem as the basis for a poetry broadside. The poem he selected is “The Grasshoppers’ Silence” by Canadian poet Linda Rogers. When asked about his selection, Fischl remarked: “I’ve chosen this poem because the image of the one-legged grasshopper won’t let me sleep.”

For information about Eric Fischl and to see examples of his work, please go here. And for information about the amazing nonprofit art project, America: Now and Here, please visit
Eric Fischl

In addition to the 74 broadside prints which include both the poem and Fischl’s moving grasshopper image on a single sheet, Montreal Books Press has also produced an edition of 26 broadsides separating the poem and the image (see below). You can click on the images to see larger versions in your web browser.

If you’re unfamiliar with the idea of a poetry broadside, a beautiful combination of visual art and poetry, click here for a fine example.