Anglican Priest, Erstwhile Shepherd, Actress and Radio Voice Wins $20,000 Poetry Prize

September 23, 2013


MONTREAL, September 23, 2013 – The not-for-profit Montreal International Poetry Prize announces its 2013 prize-winner Mia Anderson, an accomplished poet originally from Toronto but now living in Portneuf, Quebec, Canada. Anderson was selected from among close to 2000 entries from 70 countries to win the $20,000 prize. Asked for a statement, Anderson remarked: “it’s uncanny, the pleasure it gives that the judge seems to have “got” what I was trying to toss aloft. I’m immensely grateful.”

Mia Anderson is a writer, an Anglican priest, an erstwhile shepherd, long-time actress and a once-familiar voice in CBC radio dramas. In fact, hers is the voice of Atwood’s The Journals of Suzanna Moodie. Born and raised in Toronto, where she graduated in English Language and Literature from the University of Toronto, Mia Anderson spent the next 25 years on the stage in London, England, in Edinburgh, Manchester, and across Canada (including 5 seasons at the Stratford Festival) and a national tour of her one-woman show 10 Women, 2 Men and a Moose. Mia has published four books of poetry.

The Montreal Prize brought together 10 accomplished poets from around the globe to act as editors of the 2013 Global Poetry Anthology collection. These editors then sorted through submissions without seeing author names and selected poems for the collection (which also served as a shortlist for the prize). Prize Judge Don Paterson then read a copy of the manuscript of the anthology (also without seeing author names) and selected the $20,000 poem.

Here’s part of what Don Paterson, Scottish poet and editor of Picador (Macmillan’s poetry imprint), had to say about the winning poem: ““The Antenna” is that rare thing—a conceit which has the good taste not to outstay its welcome, but which also makes us think again about its subject in an entirely new way. This poem about our spiritual ‘receivership’ is clever, musical, funny, and full of memorable lines.”

Mia Anderson will be on CBC’s Cinq à Six on September 28th.

The 2013 Global Poetry Anthology containing the top 52 poems entered in the Montreal Prize poetry competition will be published by Véhicule Press, Signal Editions in November 2013.

The next Montreal International Poetry Prize competition will be held in 2015.

Visit, discover the shortlisted poets and hear them read their poems.

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Money in Poetry

March 24, 2013

The Irish Independent was kind enough to pay us heed in this Saturday’s (March 23) edition, saying, “There’s money in poetry, too, these days.” Read the whole article here.

Kwame Dawes Heads African Poetry Book Fund

October 8, 2012

Along with poets Chris Abani, Matthew Shenoda, Gabeba Baderoon, John Keene, and Bernadine Evaristo, Kwame Dawes — one of the Montreal Prize’s new jurors for the much anticipated 2013 competition — is running an exciting new initiative called the African Poetry Book Fund. According to the APBF website, their mission is as follows:

“The African Poetry Book Fund promotes and advances the development and publication of the poetic arts through its book series, contests, workshops, and seminars and through its collaborations with publishers, festivals, booking agents, colleges, universities, conferences and all other entities that share an interest in the poetic arts of Africa.”

The primary activity of the APBF is the African Poetry Book Series:

“Beginning in January 2014, the imprint will publish four new titles by African poets each year. In addition the series will publish every few years an anthology representing African regions, themes, and ideas.”

We at the Montreal Prize hope the APBF will soon be offering subscriptions to this compelling new series. We expect many others are as excited as we are at the prospect of four titles a year!

Click on the following link to see the poster for the inaugural Sillerman First Book Prize for African Poets.  APBF-2012-poster (1)

And follow this link to the APBF website:


Congratulations again to Mark Tredinnick

July 20, 2012

Congratulations to Montreal International Poetry Prize winner Mark Tredinnick again! Not a year after winning the Montreal Prize, Australian poet, Mark Tredinnick has won the Cardiff International Poetry Competition! Prize judges Patrick McGuinness and Sinéad Morrissey (one of the 2011 Montreal Prize editors) awarded the first prize to Mark’s “Margaret River Sestets.” If you’d like to see the Cardiff Competition’s press release, click here. And here’s the winning poem: show me.

CBC Radio Interview with Mark Tredinnick and Asa Boxer

April 29, 2012

2011 Montreal International Poetry Prize winner Mark Tredinnick and Montreal Prize co-founder Asa Boxer were recently interviewed by Jeanette Kelly on CBC Radio’s Cinq à Six. Click here to listen to the interview for as long as they keep it online!

BBC World Service Interview With Montreal Prize Co-Founder Len Epp

April 6, 2012

Listen to Montreal Prize co-founder Len Epp’s interview with Harriett Gilbert on the BBC World Service’s arts show The Strand. And then stay tuned for a wonderful interview with Montreal Prize Advisory Board Member Ben Okri.

Black’s being read across the world

February 14, 2012

A nice mention of one of our longlisted poets, Robyn Black:

Poet walks away with major international prize

December 18, 2011

An article in The Age:

Australian Poet Wins Fifty-Thousand-Dollar Prize

December 17, 2011

Here’s Poets & Writers Magazine on our December 15th announcements, with a video of our 2011 Broadside poet, Linda Rogers, giving a reading:

Australian poet scoops global poetry award

December 17, 2011

Here’s an article about our 2011 final announcements from the Australian Associated Press:

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